The Need

The district’s facilities study led created four areas of concern: Enhance current facilities, plan for future growth, maximize the district’s financial position and create a master plan for success.


Enhance Current Facilities

It’s no surprise that when asked, the common concern that parents and patrons have is the safety and security infrastructure of our school facilities. The proposed bond issue would add secured entrances and storm shelters to all buildings, reinforcing the district’s commitment to security and safety. Other necessary facility improvements addressed by the proposed bond issue include repairing roofs, updating HVAC and fire alarm systems in older buildings, addressing inconsistencies in classroom square footage between schools, updating playgrounds and improving parking district-wide. Click here to learn more about the facts from the district’s website.


Plan for the Future

Enrollment trends in USD 385 show modest growth for both the past and future. The projected enrollment through the 2020-21 school year indicates continued increases, resulting in about 300 additional K-12 students. School capacity is another important issue facing the district. The proposed bond issue would add classrooms and educational space to each school building in the district, while addressing future space needs for collaborative learning. Click here to learn more about the facts from the district’s website.


Maximize the District’s Financial Position

USD 385 continues to be among the top five most fiscally efficient schools districts in the state of Kansas. Through conservative budgeting, planning and operation, USD 385 has responsibly proposed this bond issue to have minimal impact on taxpayers. The 2017 Bond proposal includes two propositions. Proposition 1, which includes projects that the district believes are the highest need and priority, consists of $168.8 million that results in NO bond mill rate increase where Proposition 2 includes additions consisting of $19.805 million worth of projects that would result in a 2.3 mill rate increase. Click here to learn the facts from the district’s website.


Master Plan

Andover USD 385 has been named in the top 10 list of the 2017 Best School Districts in Kansas by Niche. In order to maintain that excellence, we must make a commitment to plan for the future. That plan is clearly laid out by the district in the bond proposal.