Investing in our schools today ensures our success now and in the future.

In Andover, we set the standard for excellence in public education thanks to parents and patrons who are committed to our children and their success.

Last year, the USD 385 Andover School District embarked on a comprehensive facilities study to determine the current and future needs of the district in order to maintain the level of excellence parents and patrons have come to expect from Andover Schools. Following nearly eight-month long fact-finding mission, one thing was CLEAR:

We have an opportunity to accomplish something special with meaningful impact for all students and all facilities with minimal impact on taxpayers.



The Need

  • Enhance current facilities
  • Plan for future growth
  • Maximize the district’s financial position
  • Create a master plan for success
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The Ask

The ask for voters will be in the form of two questions on the ballot.

  • Proposition 1: $168.8 million that results in NO bond mill rate increase
  • Proposition 2: $19.805 million that results in a 2.3 mill rate increase
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How can you get involved? It's simple, really.

GET 10 people you know to commit to voting YES for Kids. Then have each of those people get 10 more people.